INTRALOT Extends Contract with Significant Dutch Best Online Casinos No Deposit Lottery Operators

INTRALOT Extends Contract with Significant Dutch Lottery Operators

Greek provider of solutions for the worldwide lottery industry INTRALOT Group announced today that its Netherlands-based subsidiary INTRALOT NEDERLAND BV has secured a three-year extension of its current contract using the Nederlandse Staatsloterij/De Lotto. The two Dutch gambling operators have recently revealed that best online casinos no deposit they would combine their operations to produce a single entity providing a wide variety of lottery as well as other games across the Netherlands.

As mentioned above, the contract that is new be valid for the next three years, or through April 2019. It may possibly be extended for just one more year, so long as all parties that are involved on that. The new agreement is actually an expansion of an effective six-year partnership between INTRALOT plus the above-mentioned lottery free slots casinos online operators. The initial deal had been finalized back in 2008, following a double international tender carried out by the 2 lottery businesses.

Underneath the latest agreement, INTRALOT would continue delivering its LOTOSTM O/S platform that is connected to as many as 5,000 proprietary uk online casinos terminals as well as other associated choices. The operations of this newly merged lottery business will also be facilitated with INTRALOT’s Prime and Disaster Data Center, players and merchants call center, and a number of other services that are important solutions.

Commenting on the extended agreement with Nederlandse Staatsloterij/De Lotto, INTRALOT COO Nikos Nikolakopoulos said they are extremely pleased about the chance to carry on working with the 2 Dutch lottery operators at a time whenever they truly are entering a fresh age in their development as being a merged entity. „INTRALOT Extends Contract with Significant Dutch Best Online Casinos No Deposit Lottery Operators“ weiterlesen